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Post  sp3c_pkz on Tue Apr 27, 2010 12:39 pm

Why i want to be a mod?
i think this server is really cool and i earned it.
What did i do that i have earned it?
I helped a lot of people in this server.
Some text:
My name is Daniel and I'm 14 year old. I want to make this server more famous and i
hate people, who aren't friendly to "new comer" in any server, because once, i had this problem.
I was never a mod in any server before but, there is a first time for everything Smile
Another good thing is that I'm very often online, as long as i can. When i started to play tri-pkz
(i found it on youtube) i immediately was very excited. I try to do anything to keep this server
friendly. So this my apply for this server to get a mod. i hope u liked it Razz


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